It’s weird isn’t it how used we’ve all become to this strange lockdown period? But as a regular traveller, I’m kind of missing that right now.

I came across this old photo from my Interrailing trip, way back in the 1980s, the other day. And it struck me that I really want, no, need, to travel again.

My partner and I have been talking lately about how we’d love to just jump in the car and head to the coast. But it’s not possible. We know we HAVE to stick with the global effort and stay home as much as we can.

Mark Johnson Cannes 85

Tomorrow, Monday 11 May, here in France, where we’ve been stuck in lockdown for the past eight weeks, they are finally relaxing the restrictions.

It means that we’ll now be able to travel up to 100 kms from our home – still not close enough to our nearest beaches on the Atlantic coast.

So seeing this photo has reminded me of just how precious and free our world used to be. We also noticed the lack of mobile phones, tablets and other such new tech gadgets.

It’s amazing to think we once used to be focused on our tasks. Sunbathing was just that – bathing in the sun. No connections to our worlds back home.

The only thing we used to have with us at the beach was a good book. Funny that.

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